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Why it is SO important to see the RIGHT Physiotherapist.

This is something I am extremely passionate about. Seeing the right Physiotherapist.

When physiotherapists graduate from university, we have very minimal experience with pre & post natal physiotherapy and a little pilates knowledge and that's about it!

Hopefully this has changed or will change in the coming years of new physiotherapists as the importance of women's health physiotherapy is becoming more and more well known. (Yay!)

Women undergo a lot of changes through pregnancy and the post natal period including physiological changes, changes to their lifestyle, changes to their exercise capacity (especially during pregnancy) and changes that affect their ability to return to the sports and exercise activities that they love!

Knowing and understanding these changes and how they can affect a client is an important part of my job and the reason I'm so passionate about women finding the right physiotherapist for this journey.

How do I know if someone is experienced or trained in pre & post natal physiotherapy?

Research them or better yet just ask them!

Not all Physiotherapists have training or experience in managing women through pregnancy and post natal - this is something that takes time, dedication and lots of study, research and courses!

I largely work in pre & post natal physiotherapy seeing clients who are pregnant and want exercise advice, clients who need help getting their core stronger after abdominal separation, clients experiencing pelvic girdle pain and dysfunction, clients with hip and lower back pain during pregnancy (or after) and clients with hormonal related disorders and related pain.

I don't perform internal examinations for pelvic floor (I did the training for it, however I aligned my study more with the exercise and rehab components of womens health after this) and so this is an area of women's health that I refer on to Ivory Rose Physiotherapy for thorough pelvic floor assessment. We often co-manage clients together and this works great because you have two pro's to help you!

What would happen if I went to just a normal physio?

Great question! I feel like most physiotherapist's have an area of interest or expertise that they love working with. For me, I developed that very early on in my career - I love working with women

Treating women during the pregnancy/post natal periods is complex and different to general physiotherapy due to the role of hormones and their effects on the body, pelvic and centre of gravity changes, physiological changes and also some treatments aren't suitable during pregnancy. This is why further training exists to up-skill in these areas and to learn more about managing women through this very important life stage.

Seeing a physiotherapist who works in pregnancy/post natal physiotherapy ensures that they understand fully how and why your body is changing and that they use safe and appropriate techniques and exercises.

Personality! Does it matter? How can I get to know my Physiotherapist before I meet them?

Abso-freaking-lutely! Not everyone will be your cup of tea. That's normal!

Find the right physiotherapist for you by researching - follow them on social media (insta/fb), get to know their style, how they speak, what they like to do when they're not in the office (physio's are people too!) and the bonus is that a lot of us share heaps of free content so you'll often find cool stretches or exercises on our pages!

You want to get along with your physiotherapist because they're going to be the one in your corner helping to get you strong and fit and to achieve your goals!

Another great way to get to know them is to email them! I get lots of emails each week asking me about my services or telling me about their issues and asking whether I can help - I always write back to these (somehow a lot of them end up in the spam folder! Gah!) and recommend the suitable person for the job or give them a call to chat - it might take 10 minutes of my day but its worth it to know you're getting the right person to help. A lot of physiotherapists will be totally stoked to receive an email asking for our help and expertise! So never be afraid to message us.

Still have questions? Feel free to email me or message me via insta/facebook - I'd love to hear from you.

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